Streets Designated for Overnight Parking

§ 250-62 Schedule XXV: Overnight parking.
In accordance with the provisions of § 250-29C, overnight parking is permitted at the locations described below:

Streets Designated for Alternate Side Overnight Parking

Name of StreetFromTo
Agate AvenueSpring StreetDead end
Belle AvenueCampwoods RoadUpper Croton Avenue
Belleview AvenueClinton AvenueEastern Avenue
Broad AvenueState StreetSouth Highland Avenue
Brookville AvenueUpper Croton AvenuePleasantville Road
Calam AvenueUpper Croton AvenueSpencer Place
Collyer DriveLast bendCul-de-sac
Denny StreetYale AvenueEnd
Eastern AvenueSouth Highland AvenueProspect Place
Edward StreetWashington AvenueBroad Avenue
Ellis PlaceLinden AvenueSouth Highland Avenue
Everett AvenueEdward StreetSouth Highland Avenue
Ferris PlaceCroton AvenueSherwood Avenue
First AvenuePine AvenueLee Avenue
Forest AvenueCharles PlaceFlavelle Place
Fuller RoadSouth Highland AvenueCul-de-sac
Garden StreetWhole length 
Glen StreetLinden AvenueTerrace Avenue
Hamilton AvenueSouth Malcolm StreetSouth Street
James StreetState StreetSouth Highland Avenue
Lafayette AvenueSpring StreetEdward Street
Liberty StreetHudson StreetDead end
Madison AvenueSpring StreetEdward Street
Maple PlaceSpring StreetSouth Highland Avenue
Martin RoadSouth Highland AvenueFuller Road
Maurice AvenueWolden RoadSouth Highland Avenue
Nelson AvenueSouth Highland Avenue90° bend
North Malcolm StreetBroadwayNorth Highland Avenue
Oak Hill TerraceWhole length 
Old North Highland AvenueHavell StreetFinnegan Place
Park AvenuePine AvenueFlavelle Place
Prospect AvenueClinton AvenueEastern Avenue
Spring StreetSouth of Agate AvenueBroad Avenue
State StreetLafayette AvenueBroad Avenue
Terrace AvenueTodd PlaceTerrace Avenue Extension
Todd PlaceCroton AvenueDead end
Tompkins AvenueClinton AvenueElizabeth Street
Waller AvenueSpring StreetSouth Highland Avenue
Ward PlaceSherwood AvenueCalam Avenue
Watson AvenueClinton AvenueEastern Avenue
William StreetSouth Highland AvenueHamilton Avenue
Yerks LaneOsage DriveCul-de-sac

Streets Designated for One Side Overnight Parking

Name of StreetFromTo
Acker AvenueSpring StreetSouth Highland Avenue
Ann StreetBroadwayNorth Malcolm Street
Aqueduct StreetNorth Highland AvenueBroadway
Belleview AvenueClinton AvenueCroton Avenue
Brandreth StreetBroadwayBridge
BroadwayAnn StreetIndependence Place
BroadwayNorth Malcolm StreetWater Street
Butler PlaceWatson AvenueSutton Street
Cedar LaneNorth Highland AvenueNorth 1200 feet
Cedar Place, south side112 feet from South Highland AvenueA point 211 feet west thereof
Collyer DriveNarragensett Avenue90° bend
Croton StreetWaller AvenueEnd
Dale AvenueCroton AvenueFerris Place
Eastern Avenue, south sideProspect PlaceA point 865 feet east thereof
Edward StreetLafayette AvenueWashington Avenue
Havell StreetNorth Highland AvenueNortheast 1,800 feet
Hill StreetMarket StreetEnd
Hunter StreetMain StreetEnd
Independence PlaceBroadwayEnd
James StreetState StreetEnd
John StreetYale Avenue90° turn
Leonard Street, north side140 feet east of Brandreth StreetA point 45 feet east thereof
Lincoln PlaceSouth Highland AvenueEnd
Linden Avenue (east side)Ellis PlaceCroton Avenue
Linden Avenue (west side)Glen StreetDale Avenue
Market StreetBroadwayEnd
Meadowbrook Drive (southwest side)A point 105 feet from Cedar LaneA point 90 feet northwest thereof
Meadowbrook Drive ExtensionMeadowbrook DriveCul-de-sac
Montgomery StreetOne portionBetween 90° bends
Ogden RoadWhole length 
Prospect AvenueClinton AvenueCroton Avenue
Prospect PlaceEastern AvenueElizabeth Street
Revolutionary RoadAgate AvenueRockledge Avenue
Riverview CourtSpring StreetCul-de-sac
Rockledge AvenueScarborough ManorLiberty Street
Secor RoadHunter StreetNorth Water Street
Sherman PlaceCroton AvenuePark Avenue
Snowden AvenueMatilda StreetNorth Water Street
Snowden AvenueVan Wyck StreetNorth Highland Avenue
South Malcolm StreetHamilton AvenueState Street
South StreetHamilton AvenueState Street
State Street, west sideA point 487 feet south of Main StreetA point 445 feet south thereof
Susquehanna RoadOsage DriveNavajo Lane
Van Cortlandt Avenue (north side)North Highland AvenueNortheast 1,200 feet (except as prohibited in Schedule XII)
Van Wyck StreetSnowden AvenueNorth Malcolm Street
Washington AvenueEntire south side 
Willow StreetBy perpendicular parking island and on south side by dead end 
Wolden Road, east sideA point 58 feet north of Underhill RoadA point 200 feet south of Overton Road
Wolden Road, east sideA point 20 feet north of Overton RoadEllis Place
Yale AvenueNorth Highland AvenueJohn Street
Yates AvenueWestview AvenueSouth 100 feet

Streets Designated for Both Sides Overnight Parking

Name of StreetLocation
Charter CircleAs designated
Geneva RoadAs designated