Overnight Hardship Exemption Program

Click here for Streets Designated for Overnight Parking

  1. Resident completes Hardship Parking Application (available online under Parking and Transportation).
  2. Application can then be submitted by:
    1. Email completed application and supporting document copies to hardshipparking@villageofossining.org; or
    2. Mail completed application & with payment (check or money order) to:  Village of Ossining, Finance Office, 16 Croton Avenue, Ossining NY 10562; or
    3. Completed Application & payment (check or money order) can be dropped off at 16 Croton Avenue.
  3. Issuance:
    1. Completed applications with payment will receive a temporary sticker in the mail for a 30 day period.
    2. Once the application is reviewed//approved, a permanent sticker is issued.
    3. For applications received by email:
      1. Confirmed applications that meet all requirements will be sent an email requesting payment online via the “Online Payments” icon from the toolbar on the www.villageofossining.org/ homepage. 
      2. Choose “Hardship Parking Permit” from the drop down menu.
      3. Enter last name and first license plate number on the application and click submit payment. 
      4. Upon receipt of payment, a temporary 30 day sticker will be mailed.
      5. Once all approvals are complete, a permanent sticker will issued in the mail.

Under the Ossining Village Code Section 250-29(D) “Any person who, being the owner or operator of a motor vehicle, has a need to park within the Village of Ossining between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. at a property location where facilities for parking of his or her vehicle on the property are nonexistent or inadequate and for whom the strict enforcement of the provision of this section would constitute an extreme hardship…may apply to the Village for a hardship exemption from the strict enforcement of the provisions of this law.”

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The granting of a “hardship exemption” is not automatic and you must qualify for the exemption before a permanent sticker will be granted. This application, the supporting materials and available data will be carefully reviewed by the Village before a decision will be reached.

The NEW overnight parking exemption phone line is: (914) 941-PARK.  This line is up and running for people who visit our community or otherwise are required to park on the street for a few nights.

Overnight Hardship Parking Exemption issued at the Finance office: $85 per vehicle (effective 1/1/2023).