Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

The Youth Advisory Board’s (YAB) focus is to meet local youth needs through advocacy and recommendations on policies and plans to promote positive youth development.

OYB Mission Statement
To connect youth to positive services and programs that will help promote education, physical and emotional health, civic engagement, economic security, healthy choices, and a sense of belonging to the community.

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The following is an abbreviated version of the local Code.
Chapter 190 Parks and Recreation, Article IV, Local Youth Bureau


  • Members are appointed by the Village Board of Trustees.
  • Appointees of diverse backgrounds from neighborhoods throughout the Village shall represent such fundamental interests as social agencies, youth organizations, education, business, industry, and labor.
  • Provide demonstrated concern and interest in the needs and problems of youth.
  • Appointees must attend 75% of scheduled meetings.
  • The Village Board of Trustees appoints the Chairperson. The chair will serve a one (1) year term, not exceeding two (2) one (1) year terms.
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration among employers, labor, schools, religious organizations, recreation and/or youth commissions, service clubs, youth and family service providers, and other public and private entities to encourage local community participation in the planning of youth development programs.
  • Review and analyze proposals or the creation or expansion of youth development programs to recommend for consideration.
  • Receive, review and analyze statistical records and data that reflect the incidence and trends of delinquency and youth crimes and offenses in the Village of Ossining, and make necessary studies and recommendations for the needs of youth residing in the Village.

The makeup of YAB

Fifteen (15) member board of Village residents.

  • Members shall comprise of:
    • Ten (10) Community Members.
    • Three (3) Youth ages 16-21.
    • Two (2) Village Board of Trustees.
    • Youth Bureau Director (Ex-officio member, not included in the 15 Member Board).

YAB Appointments

  • Initial Advisory Board appointments:
    • Five (5) one (1) year appointments.        
    • Five (5) two (2) year appointments.
    • Five (5) three (3) year appointments.
  • Any vacancy is to be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner in which the original appointment was made and shall not be for a complete new term.
  • No term shall exceed three years, and a member may not serve more than two terms consecutively.
  • Offices/appointments coincide with the Village’s fiscal year.
  • Members are appointed by the Village Board of Trustees.
  • Appointees serve without compensation.
  • Appointment of members of the YAB shall conform to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations regarding equal opportunity and affirmative action.
  • Members shall appoint such committees as necessary to carry out their powers, duties, and responsibilities.
  • The YAB shall submit an annual report to the Board of Trustees.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Chima Monday Youth Bureau Director


NameTerm Experation
Kate Marshall


Diana Lemon


Tenee A.H. Jones


Harry L. Campbell

12/31/2025 (Chair)

Alice Joselow


Jeannette Gerber


Dr. Walter Hidalgo


Eliane Hutchinson


Wendy Yancey