Zoning Board of Appeals

The powers and duties of the Zoning Board of Appeals are detailed in Village Law, Section 7-712 and Village Code, Section 270-48. Those powers and duties include:

  1. Upon appeal from and order on determination or upon requests by a Village official, board or agency to provide an interpretation of any portion of the Village’s Zoning Code (Chapter 270) or any condition or requirement specified or made under the code or to determine the location of a zoning district boundary

  2. Interpretation of the zoning code (Chapter 270) on appeal from a determination by the Building Inspector

Any questions on the application process, applications, or to schedule a pre-application meeting please contact the Planning Department at 914-762-6232.

Term of Office 5 Year Term

Membership/Appointment The ZBA consists of five members pursuant to section 7-712 of the Village Law and Section 270-47 of the Village Code, appointed by the Village Manager. Members shall attend four hours of training annually. Under Local Law 9-2017, members to serve no more than two consecutive terms and must have 75% attendance.


NameTitleTerm Expiration
Susanne Donnelly



George Behling



Gregory Meyer



Marcel Florestal