Corporation Counsel

The Corporation Counsel represents the Village in all legal matters as legal adviser to the Village Manager, Board of Trustees, as well as all other officers, boards and departments of the Village.  The Corporation Counsel, who is appointed by the Board of Trustees, also prepares legislation, drafts and reviews contracts and otherwise discharges such other duties as may be prescribed by the Village Charter, local laws, and other laws and regulations. The current Corporation Counsel is Stuart E. Kahan.

The Corporation Counsel is assisted by a part-time Deputy Corporation Counsel who serves as Village Prosecutor for alleged violations of the Village code. The Deputy Corporation Counsel also serves as the Corporation Counsel’s designee on some of the Village’s boards and commissions.

While the Corporation Counsel is the attorney for the Village, he cannot provide advice to the public. The Corporation Counsel serves solely as the legal advisor to elected and appointed Village staff, boards and commissions.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Stuart Kahan Corporation Counsel