Ossining Youth Council

The Ossining Youth Council (OYC) is a community-supported, youth-led leadership program to promote a youth voice in Ossining. Those on this committee serve in an advisory capacity to the Ossining Youth Bureau (OYB). The OYC will lead the development and initiation of programs and activities while advocating for their peers in the community.

The OYC is comprised of ONLY youth. OYC members advise, advocate, promote, and participate in various programs created or offered through the OYB.

Members of the OYC are expected to make a  twelve (12) month commitment of service to the Council. Along with that comes the expectations of:

  • Attending 75%+ of scheduled meetings. (in-person/virtual).
  • Participate in community outreach and recruitment of other youth.
  • Submit Report Cards/Grades as a member in good standing*.
  • Participate in committees, programs, and attend trainings.
  • Respectfully represent yourself and the Council.
  • Advocate, setting aside personal agendas.
  • Share information with other youth, adults, and community programs.
  • Provide a Youth Voice’ for Ossining.
    • *Passing grades are expected, and improvement in grades is encouraged.

Click here for Ossining Youth Council FAQ