Municipal Parking

Municipal Parking
Municipal lot parking permits are issued by the Clerk’s office.

2023 Municipal Parking Fees

  • Annual day use parking lot permit:  $275
  • 3 month day use parking lot permit:  $85
  • Annual overnight use parking lot permit:  $70
  • 6 month overnight use parking lot permit:  $45

As per Section 250-33 "Tag Parking" of the Village of Ossining Code, commercial vehicles are prohibited from applying for Municipal Permits. For purposes of Municipal Lot Parking Permits, this means not only commercial vehicles as defined by NYS but also any vehicle that presents the outward appearance of a vehicle used primarily in furtherance of commercial or industrial advertising (for example, a car with advertisements or commercial messages on it).

Effective May 1, 2022, owners of vehicles fitting these criteria which are found to have applied for a Municipal Lot Parking Permit in spite of the above restrictions will be notified by the Clerk's Office that their permit will be rescinded effective immediately with no refund issued. If you are the holder of a current permit whose car fits the above criteria, you will not be permitted to renew the Municipal Lot Parking Permit upon its' next expiration. Don't hesitate to contact the Village Clerk's Office with any questions at (914) 762-8428.