Approvals FAQ

How soon can I be approved once I submit an application?
Every application is different and the board cannot make a decision until they have all of the information that they need to make an informed decision.  The applications outline all of the information that is needed before a decision can be reached.  Furthermore, all applications require the implementation of the State Environmental Quality Review process and the board cannot make a decision until that process is complete as well.

Once I have received my approvals at a meeting, how much time will I need to wait until the resolutions are approved by the board?
Resolutions are approved at the following month’s meeting. A copy of the resolution will be mailed to the applicant once approved.  Meeting minutes are also available on the website and at the clerk’s office, located at the Village & Town Municipal Building at 16 Croton Avenue.

Do I have to wait for the resolution to be approved before filing a building permit application?
No, you may submit your building permit application immediately after approval.

When are minutes of a meeting that I’ve attended available to be viewed online?
The meeting minutes are typically approved at the next months meeting.  They are posted online within a week of their approval.