FAQs on Comprehensive Plans

Why do we plan?

Whether the goal of a project is to attract the right density of development or preserve the natural environment, planners at the local and regional levels need to work with the area's residents to help shape the future of their communities.

The reason for planning is to prepare for future development whether that be defined by:

  • adjusting for population growth or economic development
  • bolstering or maintaining the county's infrastructure
  • confronting regional issues across municipalities
  • planning on a local basis
  • revising regulations

What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is exactly as it sounds – inclusive, wide-ranging, throughout and all-inclusive planning document. Creating this plan is an opportunity for the public, planning experts and elected officials to come together and develop a vision for the Village. It’s a document that can take many forms; have a wide variety of people involved; and can take months to a few years to complete the process.

The comprehensive plan will become the basis of the Village’s zoning ordinance since it covers a variety of important base data; considers critical issues in the community; and provides a basis for weighing all these facts, visions and views into a Village’s defined policies for the future.


Why Should I be Interested in the Comprehensive Plans?

The comprehensive plan represents the public policy for the safety, welfare and investment in the community.  The plan provides policy direction to the local jurisdiction on issues that affect the quality of life for the community.  The Comprehensive Plan also provides the visionary framework from which future decision-making and planning will be based.