Taxi Information

The Clerk's Office and the Ossining Police Department have registered taxi companies and drivers who may pick up residents and visitors in Ossining. There are fewer companies as the pandemic has taken a toll on the taxi industry in every community.

Companies allowed to do business in Ossining as of 1/25/2021

  • Aguila Taxi Service Inc.
  • Amigos Taxi
  • Briarcliff Taxi
  • Ecua Taxi & Limo
  • JC
  • JBC Taxi Service
  • Liberty Taxi & Airport Services
  • Mommy's Taxi
  • Ossining Taxi

*If you have any concerns about your taxi company, the taxicab, or the driver, please call the Ossining Clerk's office at 914-762-8428.

Important Reminders

  • All taxis must be clearly marked with the taxi owner/company name, taxi number, and Ossining, New York, shall be printed on both front doors of each taxi owned.
  • Drivers must have their 2021 taxi driver's license posted on the passenger side dashboard in clear view
  • All precautions must be taken to clean out the cars between passengers, most importantly during the pandemic.
  • The Clerk's office licenses taxi companies, drivers, and vehicles so that we can rest assured that they have the proper insurance, clean driver's licenses, and roadworthy vehicles. The Ossining Police Department and the Clerk's Office understand this as essential.
  • If you have any issues with the Taxi company, a driver, or a vehicle's condition, please contact the  Clerk's Office at 914-762-8428. Please do your best to have the company name, the driver's taxi license number, and the incident's date and time when calling.
  • The Ossining Police Department has a complete list of licensed taxi drivers for Ossining. If you have complaints, the Clerk's Office will work with the Ossining Police Department as required.