Water & Sewer Billing

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**If you are making an online Water payment, please make sure your using the following URL: https://wipp.edmundsassoc.com/Wipp/?wippid=OSNV and the page has the above image. This will ensure you're using the Village of Ossining approved payment vendor**

Overview The Village of Ossining supplies filtered water to approximately 6,000 customers inside and outside the Village boundaries.  Most properties are billed quarterly for water consumption with the exception of larger commercial properties which are billed monthly.  Sanitary sewer charges for Village customers is based on water consumption and is included on the water bill. 

Property Owners Responsible for Charges  For rental and non-owner occupied properties, please note that although we may bill property tenants for water/sewer usage as a convenience to the property owner, the property owner is ultimately responsible for payment of any and all unpaid water and sewer charges.

Water and Sewer Rates  For 2022, water rates for inside-Village customers are $10.0389per 100 cubic feet (CF) (or $100.40/1000 CF), minimum $25.00 to 100 CF.  Town of Ossining accounts are billed $15.0584per 100 CF ($150.58/1000 CF), minimum $37.50.  Sewer rates are $2.5943per 100 CF ($25.94/1000 CF) of water consumption.  High water consumption above a certain amount are billed at a higher multiplier factor (see 2022 Fee Schedule).   There is a blended water/sewer rate (allocated percentage of 2021 rate and 2022 usage rate) for the transitional billing period consisting of 2021 estimated allocated usage and 2022 estimated allocated usage.  See 2022 Fee Schedule link or the Fee Schedule in the 2022 Adopted Budget for the blended water and sewer rates.   

Payments, Due Date and Penalties All water and sewer billings are due and payable by the due date, which is the 5th day of the calendar month, unless otherwise stated on your water/sewer bill.  Checks should be made payable to the “Village of Ossining Water Fund”.  Quarterly or monthly water/sewer bill payments may not be combined with tax payments; please write a separate check for the water/sewer bill.  Water/sewer payments can be made in person at Village Hall, paid to our lockbox (P.O. Box 5084, White Plains, NY 10602), online through the link provided at www.villageofossining.org, or paid via automatic bank account debit (see link for EZ-Pay Authorization Agreement Form).  As we do not monitor lockbox water/sewer payments for postmarks, please make sure that payments are mailed timely enough to reach the lockbox post office box by the due date. Payments must be received by the due date to be considered “on time” for penalty purposes.  Past due accounts are assessed a penalty of 5% plus an additional 1% per month thereafter in accordance with the Village Code.  No Exceptions.  Use of automatic bank account debit is a good way to avoid late payments, since the payment is made on the due date from your designated bank account.  Unpaid water charges after 60 days may be subject to water service termination.

Delinquent Charges to Tax Roll Delinquent water and sewer charges not paid by the first week of December (February 10th for accounts located outside the Village) each year, plus additional penalties and administrative fee, become a lien on the property and are transferred annually to the real property tax roll.  Payment for unpaid water/sewer charges added on the tax roll is required with the first installment of the tax bill.

Final Water Meter Reading If you are selling your home, it is necessary to get a final water meter reading.  Final water meter reading appointments can be arranged by calling the Water & Sewer Department or Finance Department.  There is a $100 fee for the time and expense involved for reading and inspecting the water meter and for preparing the final water/sewer billing.  In addition, ownership (and tenant, if applicable) name changes should be submitted to the Finance Department.  Final readings on tenant name changes, if requested, will also incur the $100 fee.

Meter Re-Read and Call out Charges If you believe that the meter reading on you water bill is incorrect, there is a $100 fee for the time and expense involved for re-reading the water meter.  This fee will be waived if the original meter reading was determined to be incorrect.  There is a $130 “call out” fee for water emergencies and water shut offs, Monday through Friday (until 6:00 PM).  The call out fee is $260 for evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.

Questions or Further Information   For additional information, or if you have questions, please call the Finance Department at (914) 941-2581.