Big Belly Smart Garbage Kiosks

The Village of Ossining is excited to announce an exciting and innovative addition to our waste management program. We have installed ten Bigbelly Kiosk trash cans in various high-traffic areas in our downtown for both recycling and trash.

Bigbellys are solar trash compactors that can hold nearly five times as much refuse as a standard trash can. These units use solar power to compress trash, allowing each receptacle to accommodate more garbage. Once full, there is a built-in sensor that notifies our Public Works staff that it’s time to be emptied, allowing them to better manage time and resources.

There are many cost-saving and environmental benefits to our community associated with Bigbellys. First and foremost, these units are fully enclosed, which prevents trash overflow. Not only is trash overflow unsightly, it can attract rodents and spread windblown trash throughout the community. Bigbellys also have a hands-free option for disposal with the use of a foot pedal. Since they hold more, they reduce plastic bag usage. Another key benefit is that the built-sensor will allow staff to know when the cans are full, thus saving time and resources by reducing the time spent checking the cans for trash collection.

The Bigbelly Kiosks are designed with side panels that can be changed regularly. This provides an added opportunity for communication with the public. The Village will feature information about local news and events, as well as helpful hints, to encourage recycling and other environmentally friendly practices.

Big Belly Smart Waste & Recycling System