Significant Sites & Structures Guide

The Significant Sites & Structures Guide, created in early 2010, is a document designed to catalogue the Village of Ossining's numerous buildings, neighborhoods, and other locations that are of architectural, cultural, and historical significance. The Guide is intended to provide a resource for those seeks information on historic structures located within the Village of Ossining. The document contains sixty-two entries, each of which focuses on a particular landmark within Ossining. The entries have been divided among five chapters, each corresponding to an era in Ossining's History:

Historic Eras

  • Revolutionary War Era and Earlier (1799 and Before)
  • Early 19th Century (1800-1839)
  • Mid 19th Century (1840-1869)
  • Late 19th Century (1870-1899)
  • Early 20th Century (1900-1939)

The significance for both sites and structures is defined using critera set forth by the National Register of Historic Places.

Significance Categories:

  • Cultural - For properties associated with important historical figures or figures
  • Historical - For properties associated with important events or patterns of history
  • Architectural - For properties that are a notable example of period architecture, engineering, or landscape design
  • Engineering - For public works representing an unprecedented engineering achievement


To view a number of these sites in person, take the established Village of Ossining Downtown Walking Tour. 

Hard copies of both the Significant Sites and Structures as well as the Downtown Walking Tour are available for viewing at the Village of Ossining Department of Planning, located at the John-Paul Rodrigues Operations Center, 101 Route 9A, as well as the Village Clerk's Office at 16 Croton Avenue and the Ossining Public Library.