Housing Inspections

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that all units subsidized under the HCV meet a minimum standard of health and safety rules called Housing Quality Standards (HQS). To ensure compliance with HUD's requirement, the Village of Ossining HCV program with The Building Department inspects any unit a Voucher Holder wants to rent before they move in and as required thereafter.
An HQS inspection ensures that all HCV units have adequate living space for the family, are structurally sound, provide the necessary habitability systems (electricity, plumbing, heating, appliances, etc.) and present no conditions that endanger health and safety.

Any existing rental housing unit such as apartments, co-ops, condominiums and houses can be eligible for the program. This means you could remain in your present dwelling unit, or you may move to another unit. For the dwelling unit to be approved, it must be found to be in safe and sanitary condition by the Village of Ossining Building Department, and the rent for the unit must be considered reasonable in comparison to apartments NOT on the Housing Choice Voucher Program.