Application for Comprehensive Plan Committee

The Village of Ossining has begun the process of updating the Village of Ossining 2009 Comprehensive Plan and is looking for volunteers to serve on a committee to be part of the process.

A Comprehensive Plan (Plan) outlines a “blueprint” for future physical growth and identifies economic opportunities while addressing changing needs relating to public health, social equity, cultural diversity, environmental protection, and regional trends which may impact the Village over the next ten years and beyond.

The first step is to establish the Comprehensive Plan Committee (CPC). The committee will be comprised of neighborhood representatives and those with experience to include, but not limited to, recreation, community design, economic development, environment, housing, education, historic resources, infrastructure, and transportation.

This is an opportunity for Village residents, community partners, experts, businesses and elected officials to come together to help create a vision, goals, and policies for the Village of Ossining with many opportunities for community engagement through workshops, surveys, and public work sessions.

This also helps to build consensus for priority projects and identifies action steps necessary to implement the Plan that balances moving forward with sustainable growth while improving the local economy, providing quality housing for all, maintaining high-quality education, and creating safer streets.

Please feel free to email or call the Village Manager's office at (914) 941-3554 or should you have any questions.

Applicants may be subject to personal interview and/or background check prior to appointment. Please list your availability for interviews:

I certify that all information provided by me in my application is current, true, correct, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief, and is furnished in good faith.  I understand and agree that any material misstatement or omission in the application may constitute grounds for withdrawal of the application from consideration, denial or revocation of participation.