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Message from April 23, 2018

Limiting Leaf Blowers?

Were you one of the thousands of people who joined in Westchester's largest Earth Day celebration on Saturday? Bravo to Green Ossining for making this fantastic celebration happen for its eighth year! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Town-Village booth to talk about leaf blowers and so much more. Congratulations to the students who participated in the Earth Day Poster contest. Great job by everyone who made the event such a success—including the Ossining Police Department and the Town Parks team!

At last week's meeting we continued consideration of a potential seasonal ban on gaspowered leaf blowers. Click here to view that discussion among Board members and staff, as well as comments from community members during Visitor Recognition who expressed a range of opinions. If we do move forward with a seasonal ban, we would not be blazing any trails, as 15 other Westchester communities have similar bans in place now. Green Ossining appealed to both the Town and Village Boards requesting this legislative action. Gaspowered leaf blowers present environmental, quality-of-life, and health concerns for Ossining residents and leaf blower operators. Banning them could also financially impact local landscaping businesses. At the Village-Town booth on Saturday, we invited comments from folks at the Earth Day Festival. We are continuing to speak with a number of interested parties including environmental activists, residents, landscapers and related business owners about coordinating additional forums for discussion, education, and community engagement on this topic.

Connecting This Week

Join me for Open Office Hours tomorrow, Tuesday from 10am-12noon in the Board of Trustees office at Village Hall. No appointment is necessary, and all are welcome to discuss any topic, concern or idea of interest to you.

Have a burning question or idea, at any hour of the day or night?... Email me (mayor@villageofossining.org), the Board of Trustees (bot@villageofossining.org) or Village Manager Debbie McDonnell (dmcdonnell@villageofossining.org).

This Week's Work Session

This week's Work Session includes a discussion from the Downtown Development Fund Council (DDFC) regarding their proposal for an initiative to tackle litter. The DDFC is a unique committee whose focus is on how best to invest in further revitalizing our downtown. The most highly visible project they recently spearheaded is the tree lights that now line our downtown. We look forward to learning more of their investigation and recommendations for allocating a portion of the Downtown Development Fund toward a Neat Streets campaign.

As always, Work Sessions are an opportunity for the Trustees and me to have discussions with staff and invited experts regarding potential policy or legislative changes. We invite community members to reach out to us by email (bot@villageofossining.org) anytime, or to speak during Visitor Recognition at Legislative Sessions on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

With Regards, 
Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor



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