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Message from February 12, 2018

Food Scraps & Parking Tickets
Last week Supervisor Levenberg and I visited Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Seligson to learn about their food scraps program. This initiative was pioneered by Scarsdale, and the Town of Mamaroneck quickly borrowed the idea for their community. It's always interesting to learn how other municipalities provide services to their residents. While we haven't yet figured out how this program could be implemented in Ossining Village or Town, the benefits to residents, the environment, and the long term benefits to the municipality, make this concept worthy of further exploration.

Have you read the recent report from the NYS Comptroller's Office regarding long overdue parking tickets in the Village of Ossining? It highlights some serious uncollected revenue! The Village has a major incentive to go after this money. When the Village dissolved its court in 2011, one of the unintended consequences was the all parking tickets become the property of the Town Court. Can we come to an agreement with the Town Court that, after a certain period of time, control of the tickets is returned to the Village so that we may hire a collection agency to go after this substantial sum of money? I'm cautiously optimistic that it will happen. And this report from NYS Comptroller DiNapoli's office may be a useful tool in moving the process forward. 

Connecting This Week
Join me for Open Office Hours tomorrow, Tuesday from 10am-12noon in the Board of Trustees office at 16 Croton Avenue. I'll be ready to hear from community members on any topic, concern or idea of interest to you. No appointment necessary. 

Join me for a Weekly Walk this Friday at 1:30pm. We'll begin at Brookside School with a special guest, Principal Dealy! Did you know that Dr. Dealy is not just an Ossining educator, she's an Ossining resident. This will be (I'm nearly positive) the final Weekly Walk needed to complete my goal of walking all 44 miles of Village roads. I've begun reviewing pics of the past year+ of walking, and I look forward to sharing my reflections with you.

Have a burning question or idea, but can't make it to Office Hours or the Weekly Walk?... Email me (mayor@villageofossining.org), the Board of Trustees (bot@villageofossining.org) or Village Manager Debbie McDonnell (dmcdonnell@villageofossining.org).

This Week
This week's Work Session may not be the most romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but it certainly delves into a number of initiatives across the spectrum of Village economic development. Click here to view the full agenda. We open with a presentation by Jerry Faiella to update us on the exciting progress of the Sing Sing Prison Museum. Then we'll hear from a representative of the Downtown Development Fund Council to hear their recommendation that the Village contribute financially to a charrette that we will partner in focusing on economic development of the Broad Avenue corridor. The next item is a discussion of ETPA, the NYS rent stabilization program. Folks will recall previous discussions on this topic. It was also one of the potential policies explored in the Housing Needs Assessment, linked here.

As always, Work Sessions are an opportunity for the Trustees and I to have discussions with staff and invited experts regarding potential policy or legislative changes. We invite community members to reach out to us by email (bot@villageofossining.org) anytime, or to speak during Visitor Recognition at Legislative Sessions on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.



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