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For information on available units please contact IFCA at 914-941-5252 and  Waitlists are available on the different units.


Waitlist has opened again.  Please contact 914-762-7215 to get information on how to be added to the Avalon waitlist.


Other Units in Westchester County
If you are interested in affordable housing and want to be notified of available or upcoming offerings of affordable homes or rental apartments being built in Westchester County, the County highlights opportunities on the Homeseeker Web page.  You can access it by clicking on the link below.

Other Units Not Part of Village of Ossining Program 

25 State Street (Red Lion Apts.) - 50 units.  For unit availability please see and look under Other Housing Opportunities.

Back in 2006 the Village of Ossining
Village Board of Trustees found that the current prices of housing in the Village of Ossining were too expensive for households of modest means to afford. The Village Board of Trustees was concerned about the shortage of affordable housing within the Village for both rental and ownership units for its residents, including the elderly, school district employees, police, firefighters, EMS volunteers, municipal workers and others who work within the Village.  As a result the Village Board of Trustees adopted the Village of Ossining Affordable Housing Policy Statement in April 2006.


The newly adopted Comprehensive Plan dated July 2009 also discussed and identified the need for affordable housing in the Village of Ossining.  The adopted Affordable Housing Policy and Comprehensive Plan resulted in the creation of a Village of Ossining Affordable Housing Law and its related Affordable Housing Rules and Regulations.


The Village currently has six affordable housing units under thier Affordable Housing program.



The following is a summary of the Affordable Housing Law.  Please see Chapter 62 of the Village Code entitled Affordable Housing for more information.


The affordable housing legislation includes the following stipulations and provisions:

• Ten percent of all new development or major rehabilitations of 6 units or more are required to be affordable units.

• As an incentive, a density bonus of 10 percent will be applied for all development proposing 10 percent Affordable Housing.

• An additional density bonus of 5 percent will be applied if a developer proposes to include housing for residents making less than 60 percent of Westchester County Average Median Income.

• If applying the 10 percent rule results in a fraction, then the number of affordable units required should be as if the fraction were rounded to the higher number.




Affordable housing provides a stepping stone for young families, a smaller, more manageable home for seniors, and creates housing for the local workforce. One particular subset is known as “workforce housing” designed for working members of the community, such as teachers, police officers, firefighters, municipal employees, and shopkeepers. However, a broad range of lifestyles requires affordable housing, including people who no longer work and are on fixed incomes, like senior citizens.


Affordable housing can be ownership or rental, a single family house, two-family house, townhouse, or typical multi-family apartment units. Typically, “affordable” means that the housing unit must cost no more than 30 percent of the monthly household income for rent and utilities (or mortgage, taxes and insurance for ownership housing); the rent or mortgage is less typically set at 80% ($83,000 for a family of 4) or less of Westchester County Area Median Income ($103,700 for a family of 4); and it must have a guaranteed affordability term for a set period of time.


All affordable housing must be designed to fit with the character of the neighborhood, using high-quality construction and professional management just like the market-rate housing.  Affordable Housing is subject to the same building code requirements, restrictions, and taxes as market-rate housing.



The Planning Department of the Village of Ossining is responsible for the administration of the program.  Any questions please call 914-762-6232.


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