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Jeff Smith (Chair)                
Ashoke Radjev                     
Gary Hickernell   
Kendra Negron                                             
Leilani Dooley
Anthony Bustamante


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EAC Role & Duties:

The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) consists of nine regular members, all of whom are appointed by the Board of Trustees. Persons residing within the Village of Ossining who are interested in the improvement and preservation of environmental quality shall be eligible for appointment as a member of the Council.

The Council advises the Board of Trustees on matters affecting the preservation, development and use of the natural and man-made features and conditions of the Village insofar as beauty, quality, biologic integrity, and other environmental factors are concerned and, in the case of human activities and development, with regard to any major threats posed to environmental quality so as to enhance the long-range value of the environment to the people of the Village. The EAC is charged with administering the Village's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) for development west of Route 9 to ensure protection of coastal habitat areas and to guide future develpment in the waterfront area so that environmental concerns are taken into account. The EAC is also designated as an interested agency for the review of Environmental Impact Statements under State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) regulations.




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