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The Village recognizes that support of the arts and culture has become a matter of public policy, with arts and culture not merely being an add-on or a luxury but an essential component of the quality of life, and support of the arts and culture is an investment in the future of the community.  We desire to foster organizations, individuals, programs, processes, legal classifications and institutions which promote arts and cultural diversity and accessibility, as well as enhance and promulgate the artistic, ethnic, sociolinguistic, literary and other expressions of all people.  Our homegrown artists, arts organizations, and audiences are what make for a viable arts economy in our Village, and we believe that supporting these individuals, programs and organizations is part of an investment that will make the arts sustainable in the long term and in turn reward the community on a myriad of levels. 

Advocates have successfully demonstrated the benefits of the arts investment in economic, social and educational terms and the Village understands that the importance and impact of the arts and culture cut across multiple areas of government policies, from economic development to education.  The Village believes that a small investment of resources in the arts and culture, both human and monetary, can exponentially strengthen the economy of a community by promoting tourism, revitalizing the core commercial district and attracting businesses to expand local job opportunities.  We acknowledge that the arts and cultural development can play a central role in urban revitalization and community renewal by attracting tourism, providing diverse employment opportunities, building a strong workforce through the development of creative industries and perhaps even most importantly, by offering positive alternatives and focus to troubled or ambivalent youth.

The Village Board expresses a strong commitment to the arts and culture in the Village of Ossining and adopted an arts and cultural policy calling on the community to raise awareness, attract, sustain, nurture, promote, support and foster the arts and culture as a way to address a wide array of civic concerns for the benefit of all of its residents and the health and well being of the Village as a whole.  We support the Ossining Arts Committee in its efforts to meet its mission “to forge a cohesive link between all of the arts groups and individual artists in Ossining, enabling them to work together more efficiently and effectively, and to use this synergy to nurture the arts in Ossining, establishing it as a creative artistic hub.”

Alan Lutwin
Bradly Morrison
Henry Welt
Jessica Irons
Mark Sarazan
Michelle Concha Herko
Mike Risko
Peggy Monastra
Robert Stava
Theodore Daniels

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