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Downtown Redevelopment Working Committee

If you need to contact the Downtown Redevelopment Working Committee, please email

The Downtown Redevelopment Working Committee will consist of members appointed by the Village Board of Trustees.  We seek to redevelop Ossining’s downtown. 

Goals for this committee:
  • A walkable, safe, clean environment for residents and businesses
  • A thriving downtown where people live and work
  • With a plan that does not increase the financial burden to Village taxpayers

Community Residents:

Jennifer J. Benson

Laura Carbonaro

Luis Corena

Helder Docabeco

Leilani Dooley

J Philip Faranda

Kaja Gam

Jeff Gasbarro

Justine Lackey

Diana E. Lemon

Rudolfo Moran

Suzie Ross

John Van Steen

Dana White

Jon Zeltsman


Village Representatives:

Quantel Bazemore, Trustee

Lynn Brooks-Avni, Director of Planning & Economic Development

John Fry, Planning Board

Victoria Gearity, Mayor

Stuart Kahan, Corporation Counsel

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