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    Planning Department



    Lynn S. Brooks Avni, AICP
    Director of Planning and Development


    P.O. Box 1166
    101 Route 9A
    Ossining, NY 10562

    If using GPS, please use:
    101 Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway
    (914) 762-6232
    (914) 762-6813
    Public Office Hours
    9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


    Village of Ossining Affordable Housing Program


    SEQR (Environmental Review Documents)
    Current Development Projects
    GIS Mapping Resources
    Comprehensive Plan
    Local Waterfront Revitilization Plan
    Sing Sing Prison Museum
    Significant Sites & Structures Guide
    Architectural Design Guidelines
    Historic Walking Tour Map

    Historic Walking Tour Brochure
    Waterfront Access & Trail Plan
    Environmental/Storm Water Web pages


    Factors Affecting Ossining School District Enrollment 
    Route 9 - Past Studies and Work
    Web-based Community Results for Market Square and Post Office Lots


    BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS: To schedule a pre-application meeting please call the office.
    Planning Board and Board of Architectural Review
    Zoning Board of Appeals
    Environmental Advisory Council
    Historic Preservation Commission


    APPLICATIONS: To schedule a pre-application meeting please call the office.
    Downloadable Applications



    Planning Department Information:

    The Department of Planning has many functions. Our role is to help the Village of Ossining with the difficult task of finding the right balance of development, economic growth, maintaining and improving essential services, protecting the environment, and preserving community character.

    We work closely with the Village Engineer and Building Department in reviewing all new project applications submitted for approval to the Board of Architectural Review, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Historic Review Commission, or Environmental Advisory Council. The Department of Planning is also responsible for ensuring that State and Federal requirements are followed during the review process and that the Boards have all of the information they need to be able to make an informed decision.

    In addition, we work on other planning studies and initiatives that will help improve the quality of life in the Village. These additional studies and initiatives include but are not limited to the Comprehensive Plan update, Federal Phase II Stormwater Management, RiverWalk, and grant writing. If you have any questions on other work that is conducted in our office please feel free to contact the Department.










    Q. Do I need to come to the Village Planning Department in person to get an application? 

    Applications can be downloaded from the Village website at Once you log into the website, click “Forms and Permits” on the left hand side and scroll down to see the Planning Department applications. 


    Q. How do I know what applications and forms to fill out? 

    Any questions please call the Planning Deparment and ask to set up an appointment with the Village Planner. 

    Q. Where can I go to get information on how to fill out the forms or a pre-application meeting?

    Any questions please call the Planning Deparment and ask to set up an appointment with the Village Planner and we will coordinate the meeting with any Village staff that should be present.

    Q. I know that the fees for various permits and board applications vary from year to year. Where can I find out what the current fee is?


    The annual fee schedule is available at the Village of Ossining website, located at  You may also contact the Planning Department at (914)762-6232.


    Q. How do I know whether or not I need to consult with an architect for a project that I may submit an application for?


    If the application that you wish to submit requires that plans (site plans, floor plans, or elevations) be provided in order to adequately present the nature and extent of the proposed project to the boards, then it is recommended that you contact a licensed architect before submitting your application.


    Q. When I submit an application to the boards, does the content need to be in any specific order?


    Applications should consist of complete packets, with each packet containing one copy of each the items that you are required to submit which are listed in detail in the application instructions.


    Q. A deadline for an application is approaching and one or two of the items that I need for my application packet are not yet available and I won’t have them until after the deadline. Do I need to wait until next month to apply, or can I submit what I have now and submit the missing items once I have them?


    Please see the instructions included in the application.  Once an application is submitted, the Planning Department will determine if any application is complete and can be heard. If you have any questions on the content of the application please contact the Planning Department at (914)762-6232.


    Q. I want to submit an application, but I have some questions that I would like to speak to someone about before I pay the fee(s). Is it possible for me to come in and meet with someone from the Planning Department to discuss my project?


    The Planning Department is available, by appointment, for pre-application meetings to discuss a potential project but the applicant is responsible for filling out the application and obtaining all of the necessary documents.


    Q. I’m a property owner and my architect has submitted an application to the Planning Board or Board of Architectural Review. Should I come to the meeting, or should I just have my architect attend?  Do I have to attend the work session as well?


    If possible it is recommended that both the applicant and the applicant’s architect attend the meeting.  A representative must be present in order for the application to be heard.  However, applicants are encouraged to attend the work session prior to the board meeting, but it is not required.


    Q. I’m currently in the process of negotiating a deal for the purchase of a property and I need to appear before one of the boards. Since I’m not yet the owner, what kind of documentation do I need to provide with my application?


    If you wish to submit an application for a property that you do not own, you will need to include a signed and notarized letter from the property owner with your application authorizing you to appear before the board to discuss the project.


    Q. I have an application before the boards and I noticed that owners of nearby properties have decided to attend the board meetings. How large is the radius for the area that neighbor notifications are sent to?


    Neighbor notices are sent out to all properties within a 300 foot radius of the applicant’s property.


    Q. If I decide not to move forward on an application I have already submitted, can I get the application fee refunded?


    The application fee is non-refundable.


    Q. I had submitted an application to the boards previously but did not attend a meeting for several months and the application was removed from the agenda. What do I need to do to have my application put back on the agenda?


    If your application was removed from the agenda you will need to file a new application.




    Q.  How soon can I be approved once I submit an application?


    Every application is different and the board cannot make a decision until they have all of the information that they need to make an informed decision.  The applications outline all of the information that is needed before a decision can be reached.  Furthermore, all applications require the implementation of the State Environmental Quality Review process and the board cannot make a decision until that process is complete as well.


    Q. Once I have received my approvals at a meeting, how much time will I need to wait until the resolutions are approved by the board?


    Resolutions are approved at the following month’s meeting. A copy of the resolution will be mailed to the applicant once approved.  Meeting minutes are also available on the website and at the clerk’s office, located at the Village & Town Municipal Building at 16 Croton Avenue.


    Q. Do I have to wait for the resolution to be approved before filing a building permit application?


    No, you may submit your building permit application immediately after approval.


    Q. When are minutes of a meeting that I’ve attended available to be viewed online?


    The meeting minutes are typically approved at the next months meeting.  They are posted online within a week of their approval.




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