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JUNE 3, 2003


John Perillo


Miguel Hernandez Marcia MacNeill

Eugene Napolitano Anthony Parise

I. CALL TO ORDER - The Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in the Police/Court Facility, 86-88 Spring Street, Ossining, New York 10562. The Meeting was called to order at 7:35 P.M. by Mayor John Perillo. Members of the Board present were Trustees MacNeill, Parise and Hernandez. Trustee Napolitano arrived at 7:40 P.M. Others present were Village Manager O. Paul Shew, Police Chief Joseph Burton, Interim Treasurer Lynn McCrum, Village Clerk Mary Ann Roberts, Corporation Counsel Thomas G. Barnes, Deputy Village Corporation Counsel Richard Leins and Administrative Intern Christina Marx.


The festivities of Senior Citizen's Week were a great success. The festivities included "Adopt a Senior", a trip to the Multiplex; a barbeque at Cedar Lane Park and a dinner dance at the Community Center. Mayor Perillo thanked the First Union/Wachovia Bank for their donations. He also thanked the Village Manager for participating in the events. Henry Atterbury was thanked for organizing the people who needed to be there for the various events.

The Beautification Program is going well. He also thanked Dave Gali for the fencing at the double arches and also John Caporale for the sprinkler system installed at Sassinarro Plaza.

The meeting on Thursday with Louis Cappelli was productive. The next meeting will be with the full Village Board. When it is presented to the public, you will find it to be a much different project. The Mayor also welcomed two new businesses to Ossining, Mandee's at the Arcadian Shopping Center and Treasures of Asia located on Main Street.



In matter of Introductory Law No. 3 -2003 Vehicles and Traffic - Article VI.

The Public Hearing was opened at 7:40 P.M.

Linda Mangano, Ellis Place, asked to see a copy of the Local Law and wanted to know if it had been advertised. She was given a copy for review and also advised that it had been advertised.

At 7:44 P.M. Trustee Napolitano moved and it was seconded by Trustee Hernandez that the public hearing be closed.


Cablevision Franchise Renewal (Continuation of public hearing)

The Public Hearing was opened at 7:45 P.M.

John Codman, Ferris Place, asked if there had been any other negotiations on the franchise renewal.

At 7:46 P.M. Trustee Napolitano moved and it was seconded by Trustee Hernandez that the public hearing be adjourned.


Trustee Hernandez reported on IFCA's Annual Meeting where a year round enclosed market was discussed. They have received a grant for a feasibility study. The study showed it was a good plan but determined there were a few problems with it. Trustee Hernandez does support this concept. He will also be away June 8th through June 15th on family business as well as June 27th through July 3rd for military training.

Trustee MacNeill reported on the recent IMA meeting where they reviewed the finance, GOTV, Police dispatch and the Court IMA's. She also thanked Rodrigo Hernandez, a local restaurant owner for providing coffee and rolls to the day laborers. The Bagel Emporium also donated bagels.

Trustee Napolitano - No Report

Trustee Parise announced the Village Fair would be held on June 14, 2003.

He also reported the concert and fireworks celebrating the 4th of July would be held on July 3, 2003.

Mayor Perillo participated in the interview process to hire new Police Officers. At the recent IMA meeting held with the Town, the Mayor stated he was quite pleased with the cooperation between the Town and the Village.


1. Village Manager

The Village Manager announced that at the Village Fair being held on June 14th one of the electric cars which were recently received will be on display for public viewing.

2. Police Chief

Police Chief Burton reminded the public that the "No Smoking Law" took effect on June 4th in Westchester County. PAL and DARE will have a booth at the Village Fair where fingerprint kits will be available. The State Police will also participate. A number of our officers participated in the Torch Run on Tuesday

3. Corporation Counsel

Thomas G. Barnes announced that the In Rem had been completed. The only parcel left was a 25' x 25' vacant lot.



Gauntlett Haynes

Gauntlett Allen Haynes was hired as a laborer on July 6, 1987 and worked his way up to an MEO. Foreman Traditi commended Allen on the wonderful job he does. June 5, 2003 has been designated as Gauntlett Allen Haynes Day in the Village of Ossining.


Rita A. Sellazzo

Rita A. Sellazzo was hired as an Intermediate Clerk on October 18, 1999 and is presently a Senior Clerk in the Building Department. Lou Caraisco, Building Inspector, described Rita as a co-worker who took charge and is able to help everyone. Lou also stated that Rita was a "perfect argument for human cloning". Rita commented that she enjoyed coming to work everyday. June 6, 2003 has been designated as Rita A. Sellazzo Day in the Village of Ossining.



Crickett Care was established as a Home Health Care Agency in 1978. Audrey Perlman has been providing this service for 25 years. June 4, 2003 has been designated as Crickett Care Day in the Village of Ossining. Audrey Perlman thanked everyone for their support.

They intend to stay in Ossining to be able to offer the families support.


Village Historian Presentation - William J. Reynolds, Village Historian, gave a brief history of famous Village residents. He spoke about Peter Falk and Jose Ferrer.

Chief Burton also announced the birth of Mayor Perillo's granddaughter, Lillianna Jane.

VIII. VISITOR'S RECOGNITION - 7 minutes per person (Sign-in sheet with participation conditions)

Jaime Black, Quakerbridge Road, extended her personal thanks to Rita Sellazzo for all of her assistance. There should be proactive policing regarding police presence at the school vote directing traffic. The Eagles Building is 90% in the Village and should be investigated for all of the bulk trash left out. The old Bank for Savings looks great.

Bobby Williams, Spring Street, questioned whether a request for proposal would be sent out regarding the "We Can Do It Property" to developers interested in doing a project on that parcel. He also asked if the Day Camps would continue at their present levels. He also wanted to know if there was another site for the pool contemplated.

L. A. Mangano, Ellis Place, stated that the downtown was looking good but was concerned about the brick around the trees being a hazard. She also states that Mr. Reynolds has no qualifications as a Historian.

John Codman III, Ferris Place, discussed his concerns regarding the process of the waterfront use. He also questioned the status of the Master Plan. The Farmers' Market has been a great success and he joins Trustee Hernandez in supporting IFCA's proposal for a year round market place.

Stephen Dewey, Martin Road, thanked the Mayor and Trustee MacNeill for attending the recent St. Ann's fundraiser. He also requested that the Board re-look at the Richmond Group house proposed for 37 Donald Lane.

Carlos Coca, Spring Street, maintained that the Cappelli proposal is racist.

Marie Gagliardi, Stone Avenue, discussed the waterfront.

Ed Mallozzi, Jenkins Court, advised the Board that he and other residents of Jenkins Court were having problems with rocks being tossed from Claremont School and damaging heir homes below.

Charlene Deck, Waller Avenue, stated that the flowers looked beautiful downtown. She also expressed her concerns on the waterfront proposal.

Sundiata Sadiq, Madison Avenue, discussed the Police Community Relations Board and other Police topics.

Nick Caputo, Ferris Place, commented on the waterfront proposal.

IX. VILLAGE BOARD RESOLUTIONS - 3 minutes per person ( with participation conditions)

The Board took a five-minute recess.

A. Approval of Minutes - May 20, 2003 - Regular Meeting

Trustee Napolitano moved and it was seconded by Trustee Hernandez that the following resolution be adopted:

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Ossining hereby approves the Minutes of the May 20, 2003 regular meeting as presented.

Motion Carried: Unanimously

B. Approval of Voucher Detail - June 3, 2003

Trustee Napolitano moved and it was seconded by Trustee Hernandez that the following resolution be adopted:

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Ossining hereby approves the Voucher Detail dated June 3, 2003 in the amount of $274,582.68.

Motion Carried: Unanimously

C. Fire Department - Appointment - Holla Hose Company, No.5

Trustee MacNeill moved and it was seconded by Trustee Napolitano that the following resolution be adopted:

RESOLVED, that upon the recommendation of the Fire Chief, Michael Scobbo, 159 South Highland Ave., Ossining, New York was elected to active membership of Holla Hose Company, No.5, for interior and exterior fire fighting at their monthly meeting held on May 6, 2003.

Motion Carried: Unanimously

D. Police Department - Rules and Regulations - Amendment

Trustee Napolitano moved and it is was seconded by Trustee Parise that the following resolution be adopted:

RESOLVED, that pursuant to the provisions of Section 5711-q (8) of the Unconsolidated Laws of the State of New York, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Ossining hereby adopts the revised Rules and Regulations for the Village of Ossining Police Department, effective July 1, 2003, as set forth and contained in Article 1 through 20 of the Village of Ossining Police Department Manual; and it is further

RESOLVED, That a copy of the aforesaid Rules and Regulations, as adopted, be distributed to each member of the Police Department and posted in a conspicuous place in police headquarters.

Motion Carried: Unanimously




There was no old business.



Trustee MacNeill requested that letters be sent to Rodrigo Hernandez, Dunkin' Donuts and the Bagel Emporium for the contributions to the day workers'.

Mayor Perillo thanked the entire Board for the last five months of meetings.


At 11:17 P.M., Trustee Napolitano moved and it was seconded by Trustee


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