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“How Much Juice Does It Use?”
Release Date: July 17, 2014


    Most people know the longer you run an A/C, the more juice you use, and the more money drops out of your wallet.  That’s why Con Edison is launching a social media video-series targeting specific ways New Yorkers can reduce energy use and cut their monthly utility bills. 

The video compares an air conditioner, box-fan, and a ceiling fan for how much energy each uses and how much it costs, posing the question, “How Much Juice Does It Use?”  Here’s how it breaks down:
  • A/C UNIT -- If you run a standard 1,200-watt window air conditioner (on average 12 hours a day from July through September), you’ll end up “drinking” more than 1,300-kilowatt hours worth of juice.  Which means based on current New York rates, you’ll be spending close to $120 a month extra to keep cool.
  • BOX-FAN -- A 100-watt box fan spinning for 12 hours will sip 100-kilowatt hours of juice and only add about $10 a month to your bill.
  • CEILING FAN -- A 75-watt ceiling fan will quaff a modest 83-kilowatt hours of juice and add about $7 dollars to your monthly bill.
  • RECOMMENDATION -- If you really want to keep you costs down alternate running your AC with a fan to circulate the cool air.


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