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Significant Tree List Nominations Solicited
Release Date: February 09, 2011

Significant Tree List Nominations Solicited

The Village of Ossining has an important Tree Ordinance that protects our trees from unnecessary destruction and also provides that the Village Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) should compile a list of nominations of trees in the Village to be added to the Village’s “Significant Tree List.”

Please help the EAC compile the nomination list by recommending your own favorite tree. Trees to be nominated must be located on your property. The Ordinance defines a tree as “any woody plant having at least one well-defined trunk with at least a [diameter at breast height] of four inches and having a clearly defined crown.”

A Significant Tree is a single tree or grove of trees selected “on the basis of specimen quality, historical significance or other unique characteristic.”  The law further provides that the designation must be agreed to by the property owner.

The EAC needs your help with nominations for inclusion on the Significant Tree List.  The ultimate decision whether to approve the submitted nominations will be made by the Village Board of Trustees, but providing the EAC with pictures, locations, and a statement of why you think the tree or grove should be so honored, along with owner’s permission note or name, will be a great help and can be a fun and learning experience for you and your children.

For more information or to nominate a tree, email

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